How do I add a pattern brush to one section of my design?


I’m sure this is an easy one for you guys.

OK I want to add say a zig zag pattern to one part of a vamp (footwear). So I have designed my zig zag pattern and applied it to a pattern brush. Now i draw my vamp in illustrator and I simply want one edge of the pattern to feature the zig zag but i don’t know how to do this.
Every time i draw the vamp and leave one section for the zig zag when i try and blend the two sections together i get a single line or zig zag line i cannot just get 3 sides straight line and one zig zag.

How do i do this?

Thanks Scott

Did you expand the appearance (convert brush style to actual vectors) before merging the shapes? It’s hard to understand what you’re doing.

Select the zig-zag shape and then hit, object > expand appearance. Then merge.

Thanks for the reply.

no that didn’t work.

Ok basically if I had a square and i wanted 3 sides to be a straight line and one side to be say zig zag how do I make one section of the square a different style than the other 3?

You have to make a square with 3 sides first, then make the fourth zig-zag side. expand appearance and then join the ends of that fourth side.

That easy, thanks for the help thats great. :stuck_out_tongue: