How do freelancers get paid?

I am interested in doing some freelance work, and I am interested to know if freelancers get paid in cash, and if by any other means (cheque), is it a personal cheque or a company cheque.

In this case would I need to register myself as a company.

You get paid with a company check just like one of their regular employees. Most likely you won’t have taxes taken out because you are your own company so you have to do your own taxes which can be a pain, do some research on that. If you’re doing consistant inhouse freelance, you can work it out so they take out taxes like you were a regular employee. You don’t have to register as a company since you’re a sole proprieter unless you’re using an alias other than your name, then you’ll need to apply for another tax id number.

If you’re being contracted hourly make sure you keep track of all the time you spend. It’s also good to have some notes next to your hours of what you were doing with the time just in case anyone’s curious.

Percival it depends from one country to the other. In US things should be fine as stated above. You can even open a bank account I think that would be legal.

Your employer probably will not withhold taxes for you, so make sure you save 25-35% of your money. :slight_smile: