how did you find your job? (or vice versa)

I am a product design student at a small program in the southeast and I will be entering my senior year in the fall. I have a little more than one year to decide what I want to do (what field of design i.e. soft goods, computers, cars, etc.) when I graduate. Today I was posed an interesting question from the gentleman thats over my internship. He asked, “What do they teach you in college about finding a job or deciding what you want to do?” I had little response. Mostly because I don’t know yet what I want to do, and no one had ever really asked.

I was just wondering how some designers got into their careers and if it had anything to do with passion or if you just needed a job. Preferably first job but anything will work.

I got my jobs through networking.
Always putting your best foot forward is super important. You never now who you might be talking to.
An interview can happen in the most unexpected places such as parties, the subway, gallery openings, fairs.

Also, especially in school, somebody really really important might sit in on one of your critiques and you might not even know it.
If you did well, you might have an email in your inbox 2 weeks later with an offer.
Happened to me.

Fitch actually found me. They came across my coroflot portfolio and sent me an e-mail. A phone call later, an interview in Columbus, another interview in Pittsfield and then I accepted their offer.

I could say that I was a little lucky, but they came across my portfolio a year after I graduated. Within that year, I did put a lot of effort into revising old projects. So I guess it was a little combination of hard work and luck. I am very thankful that my efforts did pay off and that I had a fulfilling work experience.

Same thing happened to me. My boss was look’n through Coroflot and emailed me. I interviewed and was hired next day. This obviously isnt the norm, but htat s what happened to me.

Actually found my position in a newspaper classified if you can believe it. I’d sent out a pile of resumes, too but I happened to be checking the paper one Sunday and found my position. Pretty crazy how it works sometimes.

My wife got her job by asking a salesperson out to lunch to discuss what she could do for her company, she had an offer from the boss a day later.

So sometimes you can network your way into a job, sometimes they fall into your lap.

Loafer, its nice to see that Coroflot works!

I actually got mine trough I sent in my stuff, got an interview and had a job the following week. I have gotten calls from my coroflot page though, it does work. I also use conferences and happy hours as networking opportunities as well. This is how I got my first and second job.

My boss was look’n through Coroflot and emailed me. I interviewed and was hired next day. This obviously isnt the norm, but htat s what happened to me.

This is what has happened for me, every full-time, part-time, and freelance position I’ve had so far.

Except one. And that was a previous clients recommendation to one of their colleagues.

uummm, it does ?
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I’d say that 90% of my work has come unsolicited from coroflot. Get it up there and put new pieces in. Just don’t be that guy that keeps refreshing just to get it to the top of the list with no new work/resume experience to show. Too much crying wolf and nobody will pay attention to you.

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Yeah NURB coroflot is sweet. Its too bad that now that I have my job I’m too lazy to update my corfolio to maybe get other offers or freelance. I think its been like 2 years since my last update and lord knows I’ve had tons of projects since. Maybe we should start a motivations forum to kick people into gear.

The designer that was supervising my senior project liked what I was doing and the company he was working for hired me after school.

Most freelance contracts I had so far were trough networking or people that recommended me.

I’m really surprised by the feedback people always get from Coroflot! I’ll say like Coledf, it’s about time I update my coroflot and my damn website!

CL FTW! Yeah Craig’s List. But I get freelance stuff off of Coroflot and from knowing people too.

I got my first few jobs by applying on coroflot (1998 mind you), I got the job at Nike by networking.

Networking - connection that a professor had set me up with right out of school.

I’ve concluded after years of job searching that the best method is to research companies that you would love to work for, and submit your resume along with a very sincere cover letter to them. You never know when a position will open up, and it’s good to establish a relationship with companies you want to be a part of before an open position is advertised and then they are bombarded with resumes. It has proven to be to impersonal and too time-consuming to constantly job-search and apply to hundreds of jobs just because they are in your particular field.


I was out of school, and working as a Part Department manager at the local Honda shop where I had worked all through high school and college in the summers. We were selling Vetter “Windjammer” motorcycle fairings, I knew their product line well, and thought that I had a few good ideas to contribute. I submitted my resume, and portfolio, and got an invitation to interview.

It was February, in Indiana, and I rode my BMW over to Illinois for the interview; a two hundred fifty mile run in the cold rain. The response I got from Craig Vetter when I arrived at the main office was, “You rode all the way over here?”. I said, “Sure, why not?” to which they responded, “Then you’re the guy we want.” And that was the “interview”. It was starting to spit snow when I left.

It turned out that there were three other candidates for the job, but I was the only one that rode their motorcycle to the interview. Walk, the walk.

THAT is an AWESOME story.

Something I don’t see very much. Don’t just talk passionately, act on it. So good.

Lmo: that’s amazing.

Not job, but I got my internship through Facebook. A girl who went to my high school who was friends with my friends was looking through my portfolio, and then showed her parents. Her mom works for Facebook, and initially I was going to do interface design for Facebook, but the position had been filled. Her mom then contacted her old boss and set me up with an interview with Nokia, where I got my interface design internship a week later. All communications with my friend / her mom were via AIM. Technomonology is wonderful.