How did they join it?


I’m quite puzzled what is used in hem’s Verso shelf? Is that some kind of beam to beam hinge?

Any clues anyone?

More detailed photo and a link to a vimeo

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Thank you for your reply.

Sorry for two different videos, I guess they have not updated some sections of their website. Previously there was a slide-in system and then they changed it to click-in.

Thank you for expanation! It is really helpful. So your suggestion is that they custom made it somewhere? I still believe that type of connector is commercially available.

So far I’ve found this one form knapp.

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Please see my sketch below. I’m making wall leaning furniture thing and it will be split in two pieces.

My initial idea was to use two bolts, but ideally I’m looking to a solution where people could assemble it without using any tools.

The load of the beam in the upper area would be around 30kg. Materials is American Ash.

Thank you!

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Ok I found out what it is. It is lamello buscuit joint system, quite expansive but I’ve heard people complaining about this shelf. It will get loose with time unless you glue it.