How did Kartell do this?

Has anyone seen Phillipe Starck’s Gargantua vase?
I am wondering if anyone can explain to me how he created such a shape.
Are the two halves of the vase injection moulded PC and then ultrasonically welded together?
Does anyone have any other ideas how such a shape can be created in PC?
Thanks for your help guys

do you mean this:

revolve or lathe in CAD…then maybe blow moulded?

First: the material is Acrylic (PMMA)

Then they say: “Only an exclusive technology, a Kartell exclusive, used for the first time in the field of design, has permitted the creation of a collection of stools which are completely transparent, with a shape of remarkable aesthetic impact, which recalls the precious ancient classical vases.”

Sounds like marketing speak to me.

No, that’s the Boheme stool, I imagine that would have been rotomolded. I’m talking about the Gargantua vase, it’s an actual open vase in a similar shape to the stool but it is made out of PC.
Any ideas?

Rotomolding could easily make that stool with only witness-lines remaining, which could be buffed/melted out.

Blow-molding would leave pinch-points at the seat and base.

This is the vase i’m talking about

Injection blowmolding can make shapes other than soda bottles, including transparent vases like this. The parting line will show a slight witness line the same as injection molding (and must smaller than traditional blow molding) that can be buffed out.

here’s a basic overview of the process.