How design schools' studios look like?

I am very curios about how other design schools’ studios look like.
Do you have your personal work desk? How big is it? Any of you have
in studio paint booth/ discussion desk/ tv space?
Are your space large enough for projects or too small? Are there any special equipments for your school studios?
How do you organize your space? Were there any trouble because there were issues with the work spaces?


Personal work spaces, totally remodled mill building just for ID. 3 shops, a metal working shop, Wood shop, and a model shop for ID only. A small lounge, and a nice gallery. No pin up spaces


Older building. Assigned cubes, 2 students to each, which was pretty cool while I was there, like having a lab partner. Model shop. Lots of Pin Up space.

RISD sounds good.

Pratt MID has 3 studio rooms. A: First year student room with one desk each with small pin up spaces. B: Second year student & some 2nd semester students use 1 or 1, 1/2 desk spaces and some pin up spaces. C: Thesis student studio. 1 to 1 1/2 desk spaces and small pin up spaces. Thesis studio has lots windows, a large shared table and sitting area.
Photo room, welding facility, ceramic studio, computer room, sewing room , ID shop and furniture shop are in other buildings. We have small exhibition space in the hallway just for temporary student shows.

RISD’s ID work space is very nice, I couldn’t recommend it more now that it’s all in the same building. Better than most firms I’ve seen minus any 3-d printer types of things. Always up to date computers, full metal and model shop, more tools and machines than you need.

at pratt, all those facilities are available to any ID student who knows how to “play nice”, you also forgot to mention the rapid prototyping equipment, one fdm printer, two desktop cnc machines, and last i heard someone had an old brigdeport cnc updated and integrated with new software.

although risd has all of the metal/wood toys you could ever want, they do not have the above mentioned machines. (or at least none that work) i don’t understand it…

hey New Pratt Kid- do you ever feel crunched for space or get tired of schlepping things around to get to different studios/buildings? It seemed a little tight for space when I visited.

Yes, for me the studio space is bit too tight. My work mood changes by the environment and the people around me working with, so it changes time to time.
I liked over night times when people were not around. I was always able to turn my music on loud and boil some coffee. But when everyone were there, I loose my focus.
What I wanted was bit larger space and semi privacy for “thinking” process.
How are Art Center and RIT studios look like?

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to these two, but as I remember:

Art Center:

Beautiful uber modern building, all glass and steel, with great views. Personal studio spaces, the cleanest, most designed shop I’ve ever seen. Nice Gallery space.


Brutalist style campus (lots of modern brick blocks with minimal outword windows, but lots of skylites. Open studio room with a lot of spacee.

Last week I vivited CCS with some friends while I was in the area for the Detroit show.


Modern bulding, very nice. Lots of small class rooms, I couldn’t tell if you got your own space ot not.

don’t let this thread die!!! i know there are tons of students on these boards. what do you think> what are your studios like?

The Institute of Design is in a high rise office building in downtown Chicago. Every student gets a desk and locker for the year. The first year planning and communication area may be a little cramped but the fifth floor second year students have team works spaces with wiring for the net, white boards, desks, lockers and some semesters have rugs on the floor, mini fridges and coffeepots set up. just like home :stuck_out_tongue:

Parsons School of Design_

I dont think many ID people on this forum go to this school-not very well known for its ID-but as for facilities. I am in communication design but have been to the ID floor-they have two large working workshop stations with alot of machines for the students. and they have a computer lab and many classrooms-and a small lounge. the school offers a larger UCC-computer lab across teh street, where there are 8 floors packed with computer and video equipment for students.

the school is doing more construction now-not sure for what department-but the archetecture and interior design departments just got a clean up and there building are amazing great spaces for students and facilities.

the school is growing-and is very diverse. but expensive as hell-