how come ID'ers only know how to draw?

hey y’all!

most ID grads i know only know how to draw, but they don’t actually know how to build stuff, especially when it comes to electronics.

how come most people just draw sleek looking phones, etc…? how about the interfaces? sensor technologies? hmm, do you guys know how to program a chip?

who the fuck cares…

Why do fishermen fish? What’s your point? Programming is some other guys job.

most ID grads i know only know how to draw

ID grads(particularly employable ones) generally possess many other skills other than drawing.
-This is like saying most education graduates only know how to grade papers.

do you guys know how to program a chip?

while I’m sure there are some that do, why would your average industrial designer need/want to know how to program a chip?

how about the interfaces?

I know a lot of industrial designers that do a great deal of interface work.

Ours is to understand relationships and design accordingly.
(hows that for broad?)

If you want to continue and have any meaningful dialogue, I would encourage you to elaborate and focus and what it is you are really trying to get at.

No, most of us aren’t engineers.
No, most of us aren’t programmers.

Your point?


that’s why we designers shouldn’t be rockstars in the design development -since we know that engineers and programmers has more advanced skills than we have.

design stars glaze magazine covers. true groundbreakers live behind the screen - doing mostly the innovation.

Ask an engineer to the impossible, he’ll tell you it can’t be done. Ask a designer to do the impossible, he’ll grin and ask “when do we start?”

Funny, I’ve had not one but two freelance gigs in the past six months where I got the job for just this reason: the “when do we start” approach. In both cases, I was contacted by an artist with a particularly bizarre concept that needed to be fabricated with high precision, and was going nuts trying to find someone willing to even give it a shot.

The first of the two said he’d talked to nine different engineers and fabricators, as well as some 3D draftsmen, and they all said it was impossible. I said I’d give it a shot, and it was a pain in the ass, but it got done.

The thing is, I doubt I was better at 3D modeling than any of the other candidates for the job, and I know I was no better at engineering. But design training starts from the idea that the less the project resembles anything that’s come before, the more fun it is. It’s a wildly different mindset from engineering, which is based on slight modification and predictability.

Incidentally, my drawing skills are average at best…

Well, they may have more advanced grammar…but I kid.

In all seriousness, engineers and programmers have more scientifically specialized skills, but that does not mean they are more skilled than designers. An engineer may have more schooling, but that is because engineers can be held legally responsible if their work fails. Designers, to my knowledge, cannot. However, a lot of engineers lack creativity. Art takes skill; a different kind of skill, but skill nonetheless.

Ideally an industrial designer should have some engineering knowledge, but that doesn’t mean he should have a degree in it. Also, engineers should have some design knowledge. The overlap is what helps them work together. If the two don’t have any common ground, you’re either going to end up with products that are really pretty but don’t work, or really ugly and function fine.

I think i agree with what you’re getting at here, but this is a little oversimplified as I like to think I, and any ID’s worth their salt, do more than make “pretty” products.

Sorry if I oversimplified it. I was just responding to guest606’s accusation that all IDs do is draw pretty pictures. I didn’t mean to imply that IDs don’t know how their designs work. I was just saying that there is a limit to the technical knowledge of most designers, and that’s where the engineers come in.

Why can’t IDers do it all? Who says we are limited to “just drawing” (uhm there is more to it than that…don’t know YOUR sources…) I don’t know about you but before I sit down and say something is done, I research the technology, possibility, and materials behind it. It’s half ass if you just throw a drawing out there to some engineer and say “Here, do it.” IDers can do it all if they just take the responsibility to break down this conceptional barrier that “designers” are just these little creative artsy people being paid to make things curvy.

not taking the bait on this one…

that’s retarded.