how cocky can you be?

yeah, that is really pretentious, especially for such a poorly designed site.

what a douche bag

I think the name suits him just right!

you need a code to see his portfolio? come on.

cock’s edge
I mean, don’t misunderstand me, the guy is quite talented, but he acts like a pussy, with all those quotations in the begining and the username. for christ’s sake it is his personal webpage!
This has to do with the previos posts about swedish design, and how “gimmick” stuff fills out mags, instead of projects with more contents, not that he is swedish.

i wonder who the 3 people that actually signed up for the pass code, besides him and his mom being two of them.

pansy ass with a miserably failed attempt at eliticism and exclusivity

i think he’s sitting at his computer refreshing his email program with a handful of pass codes.

is he ross lovegrove’s bastard?

seems to believe his own hype like that.

(i secretly LOVED watching ross get his ego handed to him a few years back)

I am scared to submit my email, because of what spam I will get I do not know!

But at the same time curious of what sh* lies behind the login screen.
anybody actuallly seen it.

There is a picture of his mum on drugs dancing to a soft music under one of his lamps

how did he get his ass handed?

[quote=“Anonymous”]is he ross lovegrove’s bastard?

Not Ross Lovegroves, But he has got people like ron arad and ingo maurer backing him up. he is a dick head though

hes wearing a lot of make-up in the photo of him