How can you all compete? You cant!

Seriously bros, how can you compete with dirt cheap services like , or

No spam, but cmon I’m not even a designer and i have been reselling logos and corporate identies to less tech savvy peoiple for 5 time swhat I pay. How can you guys design from scratch and compete with the prices. Yes, I know yo do good work also, but $5000 and $50 is a huge variation brothers.

It’s the difference between the price you pay for your Tommy Hilfiger clothing and your tshirt from Walmart.

I haven’t heard of any professional designers loosing out on business because of those sites.

Since most respectable designers stay away from them, it pretty much guarantees that the talent pool and work stays within the low-tier “desktop publisher” market.

Lot’s of anonymous clip art and production, very little partnership, context, process or talent.

anonymous bulk clip art… shudder

…appealng and interesting, to the equilavent of 1991 geocities home page of some high school kid.