How can I make this render better?

This is work in progress of a watch. It still looks very unfinished. I guess I am having trouble with the reflection and highlights. Could someone help me out?

Sorry, this is going to sound like a tear-fest, but…

Right now I’d work on the design first. It currently looks a bit like it was designed purely in the top view. For instance the yellow srtips on the bands abruptly terminate at the boundary of a case… I would try to resolve this area a bit more. Also, design everything, down to the screen fonts. The edge of the screen often casts a shadow, adding this gives a bit of depth. Overall, it looks a bit too much influenced by the original Nike Triax from 1997. Keep the forms logical and functional. Why are their grip like details where they are?

Open it up and explore some new ground, then go to render. I’d love to see a page of thumbnails posted up in here tomorrow!

here are some rough sketches

They are looking very 2d. Think about the product holistically, in 360 degrees. Make every form have a reason for being.