How can I make this render better?

I Have a rendering of a watch I want to show. However it will not let me post it. It says that it is too big of a file, when it is not. It maybe that I need permission to post. When I figure this out I will comment more on the render. Please Help.

How big is the render? Also, I would recommend posting it in the sketching or projects forum. Your question might get lost in the consumer products forum.

55 KB, jpeg.

maybe it means that the actual pixel size is too large. Try to reduce it further in photoshop and try again. I’m not sure how else to help you.

Make sure that it is a flattened RGB JPEG with .jpg as an extension and no punctuation in the name. If that does not work email it to me and I will post it…but I think it ought to be in Yo’s sketch section so I will put it there if that is ok with you.