How Can I Become a User Interface Developer?

I’m just wondering what kind of degree it will take…
I saw this listing for a UI developer and saw the requirements but what degree would help someone gain this kind of experience ?


A UI developer or designer? They’re quite different.

That job description looks like it’s just for web development, which doesn’t require a degree per se. Web development is mostly self-taught, but you can also take classes on it which could be in the computer science, HCI, or design departments of respective schools.

If you want to do UI development unrelated to the web (such as desktop or mobile applications), that’s definitely going to require a computer science degree. If you just want some of the technical development skill sets then HCI is probably a good major for you.

I was a coder for many years - hope this advice is helpful… If you want to be a developer (of anything, web or otherwise) I’d recommend a CS degree from a good engineering school. While you can certainly learn to program on your own, my opinion is that you’d be left in the dust by those with deeper understanding of programming fundamentals unless you are very good.

I disagree that Web Developers and their training is different than any other programming - with the increased use of Java, and even Actionscript becoming object oriented, a web developer who is self trained is backing themselves into a corner. The web is more than HTML now for most professionals.

If it’s Web Design you want to do, that’s something entirely different - others might know more here :slight_smile:

Good luck in your endeavors. And remember: If you program for fun on your own time, you’ll likely make a good developer. If not, then beware - coding is like sketching - you do it because you want to not because you’re forced or paid. Just my experience, please take with a grain of salt.


Most of the people where I work who do the design side of UIs (not the programming) come from graphic design backgrounds, or interaction design.