How can Design Managers help designers ?


Everyone talk about designers and eco-conception but doesn’t a new process as this one need a new management?

Little has been written on the subject, management and design being still two different fields.

That is why you can find below a survey of 10 questions and 5 minutes about ecodesign and its links to design management. The purpose of this survey is to study if and how design managers can help designers envision, develop and deliver more eco-friendly projects.

To find this survey in english, click here : ECO-DESIGN MANAGEMENT SURVEY
Pour retrouver cette étude en francais, cliquez ici: ENQUÊTE SUR LE MANAGEMENT DE L’ÉCO-DESIGN

This study is based on the philosophy of the open source project : the Designers Accord ( This study aims to help the design community build a scientific corpus of knowledge and to encourage design professionals to adopt methods and practices about sustainable practices and growth.

Thank you in advance for your valuable contribution.

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Yes, I totally agree with your point about new design trend and management!
Right now the eco design solution is becoming more and more popular , especially for western designers.
so how can we apply this hot design perspective into design management , especially for design business,
is more important other than design itself.
I heard that most business manager they could run a successful business, that because they find a business
model which could guide his business into a successful result with minimize failure, is that true?
I am a chinese designer, residing in Beijing, and also doing my design business for the international region,
when I dealing with clients,I still hold my belief that “sustainability” is the key to success! I wouldn’t prefer to
earning money just for once.

Hi sustainabledmsurvey,
Do you know anything about the business model ? Maybe we could develop this model to design direction.