How big should a logo be?

Apparently Boeing Aircraft Corporation thinks it should be … continental.

787 Dreamliner debut flight path this week.

Wow! That is pretty nuts and more than a bit wasteful.

Wow! That is pretty nuts and more than a bit wasteful.

… a bargain at only 10,408 statute miles!

They did a similar thing testing the new 747-800 a few months ago.

Must be fun being a Boeing test pilot…

I always say, make the logo 10% smaller than you want so when they inevitably come back to say “Make the logo bigger” you bump it 10% and it’s right where you wanted it in the first place…


'nuf said


Reminds me of that Wisconsin i.d. student ten years ago who went around planting bombs in mailboxes to create a smiley face map. :slight_smile:,9171,237036,00.html

I’d like to see what the nav chart for those curves looks like.

Did you notice this, Lew?

Duration: 19 hours 12 minutes

WHAT??? For a massive airliner!?!?

They aren’t kidding when they say it’s more efficient. I mean, I’m sure that’s nearly completely empty but still…

Maybe it’s just Canadians, but I think I think I could leave the logo off of products and no one would notice until production.

I used to have the problem of convincing people to put logos or the company name on internal parts to battle the contract manufacturers from selling the parts on their own. I just gave up and started including the logo on my 3D and so far no one has complained.