How big is Hunter Fan?

I’m seeing they posted another opening on core and seems like they post new positions lots. Are they like really big and need to hire or do people get jobs and leave really fast?

I think the frequent hire symbol should tell you something…IMHO I don’t bother with them because usually its turn and burn…A lot of those places go through designers like water…not all of them, but it sure is a sign especially if the company is not that big. Usually reposts are because the people that they did choose to interview, might not have been a right fit for them. So they are still searching.

i think they have 8 designers, but keeping them is problematic because who wants to live in Tennesee?

what does living in Tennessee have to do with anything?

what does living in Tennessee have to do with anything?

Well, Tennessee is not the epicenter of industrial design. And are there any ID schools down there? They are likely trying to draw designers from big cities or from other OEMs to their location, which is never easy.

I have interviewed for corporate manufacturing-location jobs before and usually the location is what kills it for me. I want to (and do) live in the city.

I would freelance for them though :wink:

Where IS the epicenter of design? Baltimore? Thanks for clearing that up for me.

I would kill for job in Tennessee,…free flowing whiskey, southern belles,…yeeee haww! I’m in heaven!

Seriously, I would.

The biggest thing Tennessee has you forgot… Memphis BBQ.
Oh they also have BB King and the Blues

I did not see a Frequent Hire symbol on their post. I agree that some are a “turn & burn”, but usually you can tell that when you meet their designers and see their work. You can tell even on the phone with their design department if they have that passion that comes through, that spark.

As for going through designers like water, “maybe they need a lot of water to fill their swimming pool so that everyone can go for a swim.” You need to build a varied team if you are going to make it in the marketplace today. Two heads are better than one as long as no one is “peeing in the pool.”

Hunter is probably like most mid size US companies with it’s fair share of dysfunction. I’ve learned that job posting frequency and lack of replies are difficult to interpret with accuracy. It is hard to guess what the inside issues are without being inside.

But, given any level of dysfunction, if you know how to turn problems into opportunities, designers can always have significant influence. Especially if there is little beurocracy in the way as usually is with smaller companies. Most CEOs I’ve met have an affinity for design departments; they seem to be frustrated designers wrapped in executive clothing. Maybe that is why they have such a large staff.

Besides, their aren’t many opportunities to work with a brand that has the equity and history that Hunter has.

Been to Memphis. It’s cool. U2 recorded Rattle and Hum there.

ELVIS need I say more about Tennessee, come on it is the home of the “KING”

Hunter does have it’s fair share of corporate hang ups, too much to go into here. As a designer I am thankfully removed from the majority of it.

Our design department is growing because the success of our product depends a great deal on its appearance as well as its functionality. We need more talented designers to handle the increasing number of projects and those projects need to be completed in a compressed product development cycle.

Memphis also has its share of issues but there are fun things to do here. If you like music and bar-b-que then this is a great place to be. Elvis is or was here, depending on your point of view.

If you have questions feel free to drop me a note.