How bad are the skill tests when signing up with headhunters

It’s already kinda hard to find an ID job so I have to resort to Graphic Design, which I have no complaints about… but that’s beside the point.

Have any of you signed up with these talent based headhunters where they find work for you freelance or whatever? Well I’m suppose to meet with one this week, file paper work and then they’re going to test my software knowledge, Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator, InDesign etc… On some of the programs, I have to go by instinct because I stopped using the program bcuz I don’t have the need for it so I forgot how to use it.

I hear a lot of stories from so-simple-it’s-ridiculous to horribly hard.

What’s the scoop on this? Any tips on getting a good score?

First off, screw that comment. Some of us trained in Graphic Design and find that quite demeaning. Maybe I’ll have to resort to ID if I can’t find a job in my field.

Second, I thought headhunters were for mid- to senior-level professionals. I’ve worked with them in the past and have never been asked to take any software tests. You called them “talent-based” but this sounds technology-based to me. Are you referring to a placement agency like Aquent?

I don’t think that was a demeaning comment at all when it’s true in some places. All of my friends who are ID had to do Graphic Design because of so many reasons, mostly because there aren’t enough ID jobs to go around… and they need to keep up with the bills doing design and not necessarily do temp/secreterial work.

it’s easier to break into Graphic Design and it’s more fun :p.

The tests are fine, I thought. I did one in Los Angeles, they just wanted to know if I can scan images, how to resize, color adjust, masking, import/export to other programs… nothing too fancy. If you know the basics, it’ll be fine.

Hope that helps.

These verbs mean to repair to or fall back on someone or something in time of need: resorted to corporal punishment; apply to a bank for a loan; goes to her friends for comfort; referred to his notes to refresh his memory; turns to his parents for support.

That’s courtesy of Yes, it sounds a bit demeaning to me. It’s surprising to begin a plea for help with such a negative reference. Maybe your ID buddies will be willing to give you pointers on how to handle this talent-based Graphic Design test. Good luck, schmoe.

Oh boo-hoo. You don’t know the crap we go through as graphic designers.

Why don’t you just stick with ID, we don’t want you kind in our field anyway.

Yeah man! Those logos are hard to make. Don’t let me get started with working with those fonts!

You know what they call you? You’re a designer snob, an anti-graphic design-ite!

I don’t care what anyone says, design is design. Ive been doing everything from graphics to industrial to architecture for years now and the idea that graphic designers and industrial designers are sooooo specialized is complete bullshit.

The fact is that there are more graphics jobs than ID jobs right now so some people are going to make the switch to keep food on the table. But like anything if your work sucks then you aren’t going to get the job, if you can prove that you can do graphics just as well as 3D ID work - more power to ya.

If you’re referring to desktop publishing, fine. If you really think you’re talking about graphic design then, no, you’re just clueless.

I’m not trying to be a snob here, but they’re all different disciplines. Related, but different. As a graphic designer, I could, in some ways and to a limited extent, design a building or furniture or a product, but I don’t have the audacity to consider an expert in those fields, or to call myself a professional in any of them.

I’m just asking for a bit of professional respect and can offer mine to you in return. If you’re working with a placement agency, hoping to land a desktop publishing job, I don’t have a problem with that at all.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong in “falling back” to (as per you graphic design. I think he’s just frustrated some us are. I’m a freelance graphic designer which I prefer to do full time, but I have to be a production artist 9-5 to keep up with the bills and I’m NOT disrespecting production artists so don’t even try that on me.

Let’s be honest here, design jobs are cut throat. So if you have to design other things whether 2D or 3D, that’s fine.

Why don’t you just ask the guy to hang himself and put a sign around his neck saying “I’m a demeaning ID schmoe.”

Ha, point well taken. I just found it curious that someone could be so dismissive and, at the same time, need advice regarding the thing they were dismissing. But, I didn’t mean to get the discussion completely away from the advice, which was the original request.


What’s the big deal? If some guy lost his job as a telemarketer and had to “fall back” on an I.D. position I wouldn’t take it as an insult as an I.D. guy, because I know from experience how hard those jobs are to land - this Graphic Design guy talking about how he’s offended by the term “falling back on Graphic Design” is actually the guy with the problem - he has an inferiority complex - if he was at the top of his game in Graphic design with the job he worked his a## off for, he would have a little self respect and not whine about how people phrase a question, let alone verbalize it on this website.

Yeah! And the fact that some dude even took the time to research and go to I find laughable.

In case no one noticed, the guy is asking for help, now is not the time to be sensitive and it’s not about you.

He needs support, not judgements or hurtful feelings.

This is really getting off-topic now, but your analogy makes no sense.


Why are graphic designers even posting on an ID message board?


ID and graphic design are both fields that require training and experience. I am educated (2 degrees not just a minor) and experienced in both. I’ve seen Iders try and do GD and GDers try to do ID… and uless you educated yourself in these areas you are not going to be as good as someone who is trained. (granted there are always a few exceptions.)

BTW I did find the comment to be insulting to graphic designers.

If they are testing you then they are looking to place you in prouduction type jobs not design jobs. It is possible to get these positons as a fresh grad IF you have the skills.

Its a good way to segway into a fulltime gig. In graphic design temp to perm is getting more and more popular. Lets both sides know if its going to be a fit.

All this whining about verbage - if it’s guys writing they’re “offended” or “demeaned” it sounds really effeminent, guys don’t talk like that - for shame.

because they dream of becoming industrial designers and making the big bucks but they just can’t figure out 3D.

plus its hard to move up in the world when your degree is offered on late night infomercials right between electrician and GED.