How are these projects?

Confidentiality agreement made me have to take the projects down.

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Hi TSE2,

Completely off on a tangent, but if it was a group project, surely all of the members of said group had input into the actual presentation?

As you’ve already said, there isn’t a lot of explanation, which in a portfolio context would be very useful. I wouldn’t have had any idea that you were designing containers if I didn’t already know what Tupperware do. I find a useful method for testing understandability is to show someone who has no exposure to the project/design in general, to see if they can follow, without your assistance, how you progressed from Problem A to Solution B.

You’ve done quite a lot of research, but in the presentation I find that I’m occasionally looking at the nice images behind more so than the actual information you are trying to convey. Perhaps try to make the research itself more bold against the back images. I’m also finding that while you have done a lot of research, there isn’t a link between this and the concept sketches. You’ve told me what the Millennials want in their product, but not the context that they want it for, hence I don’t understand why the concepts are the way that they are. It would help to visually link and explain the actual solution being achieved with the concepts.

In regards to sketching, just keep practicing. Set yourself a direction, choose a theme of something you personally think needs redesigning or something you like. Each day, change the theme so you don’t get stuck in a habit of drawing the same style of object.

Forum tip: you will get more feedback if you post the images directly into the conversation vs having a ling go to Behance.

Im confused on the tupperware project… Is this project completed? If so, why are there 4 designers who worked on it, 8 pages of “research”, and only 2 pages of ideations that probably took less than an hour per person on the team? Cmon man, lets seem them ideas!!!

Same with the food project.

On a side note, im hungry.

I couldn’t get beyond your cliche personas.

I also refuse to review material where the designer designed for themselves. I don’t care what you like. I care what my customer likes. Even if “you” are the customer, you are way too inexperienced to separate the two.

Your tea project looks a lot like this one.

Anyway, I see a lot of images from research, but not enough sketches / foam mock ups or renderings of the final product. It seems like you left them projects half way through. Are you still working on them?

I actually don’t think the group ended up designing anything so what you see in the pics is that Tea Egg product frpm NormannCopenhagen and it wasn’t the OPs intention to pass it off as their concept.
Might be wrong though…

That is a little bit the problem with open ended projects like this one. It feels like we are shown the first half of the movie and then the screen goes black, the lights turn on and we are being ask what we thought of the film.
No way to judge it without seeing how the research was applied and helped create defined concepts.

I echo the sentiment here in this thread and really would have to see more actual design work to give any feedback.

Hey guys, this was just the first phase of a semester long project, basically, Tupperware wanted to see that we did research to back up our very loose, rough concepts. We weren’t actually expected to have product concepts yet, per say, but just a strong basis to build upon FOR concepts. So for example, our “urban adventure” lineup we are asking the question, how can we allow Millennials to give a solid dining experience away from a table when they do those accessible activities with friends, such as skateboarding? Tupperware came to us, as Millennials so that we can create products that are empathetic to Millennials.

Not completed, about 1/3 of the project is complete.

Could you give me an example of a portfolio with stronger personas? Or perhaps let me know what you like to see in personas that make them less cliche?

Yes, the project is ongoing. That tea infuser is beautiful.

Understood. Just thought I’d get some feedback on presentation and quality, layouts, research, and such that’s already there.

Thank you guys for the help so far, really. Means a lot to me.

Personas are an amalgamation of data derived from several people. You didn’t speak with anyone. You made that crap up.

“We don’t have enough space in our tiny kitchen for a bunch of fancy accessories.”
“I eat a PB&J when doing crazy stuff.”
“I graduated and ride a bike everywhere.”


Actually talk to people about the project. Get their input. Do the research. Record what they say. Use that data to create a persona. Do the work. Don’t make up data. Don’t have the data be a reflection of yourself. It is not credible.

iab +1

Fluff is fluff and if your design is based of of fluff then it will show, if you show those personas in a interview and you truly made them up or only talked to 3 people and that was all the information you gathered then it will show a lack of understand on how to create personas that allow you to design for the stake holders.

Now you cant always interview 100 people (like just did in order to create 3 persona groups) but you should be able to dive deeper to better understand the individual or group

  1. Data on who the person is and how they fit into your demographic
  2. there current situation
  3. the problems they experience for the current situation

then your concept development should ba loop process, i.e you print out those personas and have them in from of you at all time and during all discussions and every design decision you make should be reflect back onto “are we meeting the needs of our stake holders. Hell i have them on my office walls printed 27x30”

I cant share any i have created because of confidentiality, but a quick goolge search found hundreds of examples see attached
they are not simple things to do and you must know what questions you want to ask, and you should never steer them in a direction because you already have a preconceived solution and you want to prove that it is what they want.

Great feedback guys. My group and I will definitely go back to our research and rebuild up our personas. Thank you so much!

I’ll keep this thread and keep updating it as our group progresses.