How are these bottles made?

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I came across one of Coca-Cola’s new aluminum bottles, and I was wondering what process they used to make their classic contoured bottle shape in aluminum form?

I understand the general idea in manufacturing normal aluminum cans, but how did they get this form? I did some research and couldn’t find anything on how they manufacture them. Any ideas?

Impact Extrusion.

I can see them using that to start the part, but you wouldn’t be able to slide the final shape off of the die due to undercuts. Is it just a very complex swaging process to create the form, or is there some other process that they are using?

I believe they call it necking, but once that base form is made it can be cold rolled into whatever shape fairly easily and still maintain a constant wall thickness.

This is correct. It’s not possible to neck composite profiles and they have to be impact extruded. For comparision purposes. This can below is used through the necking process.

You can tell if a can is impact extruded by looking at the striations on the bottom of the can. If they radiate out from the center, it’s impact extruded. If the striations are linear, then it’s a necked can.

Thanks Guys.