How Aesthetics and Design are used by Police forces...?

Here in Spain the National Police changed everything last year trying to look modern, friendly and “urban”:

Uniforms (no more white shirt, no metal badge) (see video):

Cars (left is old, right is current)

All spanish police vehicles here Club Almera - COCHES NISSAN DE LA POLICIA NACIONAL - Novedades del mundo del motor.

Personally, I don’t like the uniforms, they look very cheap. What do you think?


I am sorry to have to tell you, that the “friendly” green uniform of the German police already is
history. It was seen as oldfashioned and too much removed from the visual requirements for a
modern day Police “uniform”. As well as it was not taylored to the growing “physis” of the police
corps of today vs. the 1950ies.

Also it was decided in Brussels that within the EU at least the main colors for the police shall be
harmonised. That should help foreigners recognize policemen and make them destinguishable from
other services. So in future German Police men will wear Marine blue as well:

Officially the new colour is called “nightblue”. They were first done by Colani for Hamburg.

Yours mo-i

Bummer, I liked the “park ranger” feel of the green ones.

I studied architecture for a semester in the Spanish Basque country and always thought the police jniforms there looked a lot like StarTrek uniforms… plus face masks of course!