How about What is KIA doing?

I have to admit, their cars have made me do a double take on the road more than a couple times.

First it was the Telluride.

Now it’s the Carnival (I hate the name).

I have two 3-row vehicles that’s why I bring this up. I think “the Carnival” is Kia’s attempt at making a minivan that looks like an SUV. It’s a boxy design but hey, it’s a minivan…or is it an SUV with a sliding door? I just don’t understand why they would give it such a lame name. Just glad somebody is at least attempting to do this.

Carnival Name - Just god awful. Design-wise? My next vehicle will likely be a Kia. You can’t even get Telluride’s right now, they’re so popular. There was a story about a dealer trying to sell one for $80K.

2021 Sorrento looks great, too.

isn’t everything sold out right now?

Well yeah mostly. But Tellurides have been tough to get for months now. This according to a Hyundai dealer I was at recently, who said Palisades were he’d to get, and Tellurides even tougher.

I recently started looking for a minivan and was so happy when I found the Carnivale. Finally a nonboring vehicle with minivan functionality and superior seating flexibility, at a managable price tag. The search was over. Then I discovered it’s not coming to my neck of the woods.

I dont mind the name, find it quite fitting for a family van actually. Yet not as dull as ”transporter” or similar. But I drive badgeless regardless.

Hate that patterned C-pillar BS, looks dated already.

On topic of what KIA is doing: nice cars, but still not feeling any specific design direction nor memorable elements. Nicely executed follow-the-market-leader-in-each-segment cars.

Yes. I feel KIA borrows from what works from other companies, but seems to be working for them. The minivan reminds me of the Chevy Traverse. Last year before the pandemic we were in the market for a 3row suv.I liked the Telluride but my wife preferred the Subaru Ascent which I also liked and it was going to be her daily driver. Sad to say we bought it on Feb 2020 and it sat on our driveway most of the year.

Well the Toyota Sienna also redesigned their minivan. But this feels more like an aggressive styling exercise than an overhaul.

I still would prefer something more utilitarian like Toyotas Concept.

I haven’t liked any iteration of the Sienna. The only thing it has going for it, is that at one time they offered in AWD, which is nice for Northern climates like Minnesota.

They should have stuck with the Previa… the only mid engined AWD vehicle that could seat 7? :rofl:

Me 3 years ago to friends at Cars & Coffee: That Kia Stinger is great, Kia is the brand to watch.
My friends then: Awe heck no, I’d never own a Kia

My friends now: thinking about getting one of those Kias, you know they are really nice

Agreed, they are all quite tasteful and attractive, with well-crafted and not obnoxious details, but I don’t have the sense of what the brand is about, other than a process of deduction: “GM? no… Honda? no… Is that a variant of an A5? no…must be a Kia.”

That Sienna redesign is totally missing the point IMO.

That was definitely also me. Now I’m full on the Kia bandwagon.

I also thought the Previa was really cool when I was a kid.

The biggest hurdle for me is the brand image & history. They look great but how will they hold up 3, 5, 10 years from now. I guess not an issue if you lease but what if you want to keep a car longer? My 07 TL is still in great shape (except for the dashboard cracks). Every button works and the trim and finish still look great considering the age. I think that was the biggest hurdle for my wife. I had to drag her to test drive the Telluride.

Kia and Hyundai do seem to make some drastic changes to their lineups almost every year. I can’t decide if that’s a bad thing, though.

Well, they have huge warranties and have been near the top of the reliability ratings for the last 5 years.

Brand image and history scores limited points for me. What is the brand history and image of Acura? A totally made up brand meant to compete with German cars. But the 2007 TL was a great product and still is a fantastic design, you bought it inspire of the brand being nothing other than a badge on a Honda… the 2007 TL of 2021 is a Kia, Hyundai or a Genesis.

What does Toyota stand for? What does Honda stand for? What does BMW or Audi stand for? Don’t fall for the marketing. Buy the best product.

I mean more the reliability and quality of materials and finishes. Honda’s in my opinion are the best made boring cars. I’ve had a few Hondas/Acuras and they’ve held up pretty well over time. Toyota is a direct competitor of Honda but their trim and finish just doesn’t compare. I’ve also been inside older Toyotas, Fords, Chevys and things just look dated and start falling apart fast. Lights, knobs, levers, paint finishes, plastic covers, etc.
Kind of similar to the Subaru we just got. Not even a year old and an interior trim piece pulled off and an exterior trim piece over the wheel well seems to be coming off (uneven compared to other side). Also you can feel where the stitching starts/end on the steering wheel which really bugs me. Small things but I’ve never had that issue with Honda. I think they have dialed in the styling/cost/features formula down. Not too boring and not to crazy and the interiors are always very well made.
Only time will tell since they are fairly new models. I guess the only way to test it out is to buy one. We’ll see.

I have a 2012 Odyssey that I bought used because I had 3 very small boys who destroy everything. I’ve also still got an 06 Sonata with 175K on it. Both have held up great. The Sonata is definitely showing it’s wear, but they’ve both been incredibly reliable vehicles since I’ve owned them.

That Kia (and Hyundai) warranty is an incredible selling point to someone like myself who will probably buy a car and run it into the ground. If I were a corporate lease guy, I may think differently.

As to your styling point, the Kia’s of the past couple years have gotten much tighter and cleaner, and I think the styling will hold up over time. Stinger, Telluride, and the new Seltos, especially.

Hyundai, less so. They’re kind of all over the board and the new Sonata is a pretty gross looking vehicle in person. (I know they’re not the same company… just corporate sister companies.)

Happened to see this scrolling through IG

Haters gonna hate. Ha!

I was looking at the new Elantra in my rear view and it has one of the best front orthographic views on the market, imho. The rest of it is a hot mess though. I have a theory that every once in a while a car gets designed in orthographic perspective and the current Hyundais are my new go-to proofs.

I would argue a little about brands. I always think of Honda as exceptionally well engineered and logically built cars and I think the still are. They aren’t sold that way though. Then again, I’m confused what any brands mean today. Everyone is (more or less) making bland cross-overs.

The other day I saw an “Eclipse Cross”. For a moment, the Eagle Talon TSi (Eclipse copy-paste) flashed in my mind. I remember a SCCA race where the Eagle won overall, beating 911 turbos and Corvettes (it rained). I wanted one for years. I don’t even know what cars Mitsubishi makes anymore, nor do I care.

Most Subaru look this way, and that separate designers do the front, sides, and rear views.

I have been driving a bit more lately, and I have to say that I really like the Impreza sedan from the rear doors back. The rest is not worth thinking about though.

I also bought a used 2012 back in 2015 for the same reason. With small kids I didn’t want to deal with swing out doors just so that I could have some perceived street cred (in my mind) in what would probably be a mediocre SUV or a beast of an SUV. Minivans are just so practical with 3+ kids. It’s holding well for what it is and what it was bought for. It’s sad to say that now I notice Minivan styling specially when they come up with new stuff, but it’s more the designer in my trying to understand how their design choices addressed the big bulky box challenge.
However, I am looking into replacing my daily driver sedan with a 3 row SUV because I hate switching cars or changing car seats. Sedans are not good for 3+ kids in different car seats therefore my interest in the Telluride and others.