how about we do a update of this
top gear (bbc) did a piece on this, how about doing a up dated version…4 stroke motor, reverse “gear” …150 mpg anybody?

I love goofy transportation. Here is a similar project I did a few years back. 2001 0r 2002 I think…

The peel didnt look all that goofy on the streets of london. Lets not just draw it, lets BUILD IT, hell its a wrecked motorcycle (100 to 200 cc) some chromoly tube and some fiberglass, leagly it is still a motorcycle.

cue hayabusa-powered smart.

sorry fu, this is about 150 mpg not 150 mph

damn this is neat, but is it “cute”?

its actually the current ‘contest’ at pity the site is down, there were some nice concepts being submitted.

Mmm… not a fan. Just a squashed Smart.


Have your heard of Gordon Murray’s first independent project since leaving McLaren:

Murray designed a few F1 championship cars, the Brabham-Alfa fan car, the McLaren F1 road car. He is a long time owner of a Smart that he uses for commuting in England, and a '57 T-bird. I can’t wait to see what his team comes up with!

sounds pretty cool, back to the future via a real new “mini” (not re hased bloated bmw version).

Oh, it’s Goofy…