How about this two school?

The Design Academy Eindhoven
Eindhoven University of Technology

How about the ID program(MA) in this two school?


How about Eindhoven College of Arts, Eindhoven University of Arts, Eindhoven Arts Institute, Eindhoven Design for the Arts, Eindhoven Art Institute of Design, Eindhoven Institue of Arts and Design.

Really good schools.

THX… really :laughing:

There is a huge difference between the 2 schools. The Design Academy is a real reknown school. And is celebrated as one of the best in the world. Education emphasizes on the artistic/creative side of the design world. You are being taught these skills by known famous Dutch designers. The Masters on the Technical University of Eindhoven also pay attention to the technical aspects.

anyone else has any other info about TU Eindhoven’s ID Bachelor’s Programme?

contact the school and get some infos. go visit if you wish.

Hi I’m looking into Eindhoven, Delft and one other location, I’ve blanked out…
I didn’t realise there were two locations in Eindhoven that do ID? SO the design adademy is good?