How about philips design?

Is it very difficult to get the offer?

If you have the offer,will you come?

Try again. This time in coherent statements.

I talked to one of the philips guys at a presentation of my work. He liked my stuff and said he would like to stay in contact. but up till now he is yet to answer any of my emails. I guess they either dont have openings, are very busy or just arent interested.

I bet you talked to him during a protfolio review…

If so he was most likely being corgial. This happened to me and most of my graduating class a few years back. Not just them, Target, Red Rooster, Fitch, Insight, and HLB. Said they liked our work, took our contact information, and even our mailers with them. Never heard from them again, and when called in follow up they acted as if they did not remember any of us.

I do not think it is meant to hurt, just bust your confidence during the review. It helps to put you at ease during the review so that your personality will come through the nervousness.