how about my sketch?

I never had formal sketch or drawing education.
I just wonder it is eought to show this sketch here or not…

my idea sketchs are here

Nice sketches if you haven’t had a formal education. You should try harder to tell the story of the process of each design. Give the sketches to a friend and have him interperet what you’re trying to explain. BTW, your hand with the wristwatch has 6 fingers.


You have a very unique style the way you draw tell me that only you can truly understand how your ideas really work.i found hard to understand the stories of your ideas…your drawings are like engineering schematic are very technical…but you have excellent drawing skills but you need free mind let the creative juices flow don’t worry about getting it right from the beginning …brake to rules! Be a rebel!! Use a blue pencil, pen, or paintbrush!! Make a sculpture! Create the form with your hands… see and feel random objects and try to express those feeling with your ideas… but that just me …keep putting more work up …I like your work …I think you are only using 30% of your true talent…