How about bonus?

I’ve been in design studio for couple of years and none of the designers have ever received proper bonus. (Due to culture custom, it is normal for employee to receive bonus at New Years and at year-end FYI.)
Don’t get me wrong, design studios are great place to build diverse and energetic portfolios…but at the end it seem to lack $$$ security.
Planning on making a family soon, I’m faced with choices of whether to continue at design studios or enter a corporal in-house (more management then ID in my case)

Just wondering if any of you guys have dealt with similar choices?

based on my experience,…

bonuses are usually based on corporate performance, not personal performance. Meaning: at the end of the year what can the corp pay out to keep the wrokers happy…

I saw bigger better bonuses disappear along with the stock and dot com bubble back in 2002.

I wouldn’t count on them being a regular addition to your paycheck. Nor would I count on doin ID anywhere as a quick road to financial security…

Well, you should be getting a bonus at the end of the year. especailly around Christmas.

However, these days many companies are closing their wallets. A word of advice, if you plan to start a family soon, don’t make too many complaints. I have seen a lot of companies replace the 30 something designer for the new, young, fresh out of college graduate who will work for peanuts. They don’t have to worry about heavy health insurance bills. It’s like once you get past 30, start having a family, mortgage, and credit card bills each month the companies start adding all your expenses and they know you can’t comfortably afford to leave without some consequences.

I’m a female designer and I know the minute I start having a family, everything is going to change. I have been saving like crazy because the design industry can be brutal to the married female designer. Try telling your boss you have to leave the studio because your baby is sick with a fever. Yikes. Not to mention the whole maternity leave issue.

Basically, just be prepared.

I see thanx for sharing your experiences.
The company I’m about to enter is somewhat similar to HP, LG, etc. it is a globalize company with expanding product line. ID team though is small and it controls overall product line, co-working with ODM to product low cost, profitable products. My buddy is the senior designer there, and yes, the department does reward personal performance, and regularly.
Of course other bonus is given out according to company’s annual performance. But there is guaranteed 14 month pay-roll for security.

I suppose as far as financial security goes, this would be much better than what I use to earn, and as for my level of experience, I have to say it is pretty damn good…though I will certainly miss the ‘fun’ at design studios. Perhaps open one later when I save enough?! haha