How 2 dEsiGn 4 a DesIgNer????

:bulb: Dear all designers
i’m an interior architect student and i’m doing my graduation project … my project is to design the interior architecture space for a design museum center so i need to have opinions and ideas from all of you ( if you don’t mind ) to support my research i need to know how designers dream about their space because it’s not easy to design 4 a designer… thanks for all of you…

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I found it is very tough designing for a designer… or an ex-designer. I’ve come across quite a few projects where the client states that they used to be a designer and seemed easy going from the start just to find that they want to be involved in every aspect of the creative process. Smothering. Maybe now they are in sales, marketing or moved into a non-design management position. On a few occasions I wanted to tell the client, “if you want me to design this then leave me the hell alone. I got the download from you now wait until I present you with something.” You know we can’t do that. They end up costing themselves more money.

I know that did not answer your question but I can vent… I’m currently working with a client that has a “Masters in Marketing” so he has all the answers already and is probably one of the most closed minded clients I have come accross. He’s driving me nuts.

Anyway, you may want to check out some exhibit companies. There is a lot of museum work coming out of some of those shops. Kiosks and permenant installations, etc

3D Exhibits-
Access TCA –
Davis Design Associates, Inc-
Derse Exhibits - (Museum section of portfolio)
Exhibitgroup/Giltspur -
Exhibit Works-
General Graphics Exhibits-
George P. Johnson -
H.B. Stubbs Company-
Hamilton Exhibits-
Heritage Exhibits-
Impact Unlimited-
Kingsmen Exhibits -
Lynch Exhibits-
Mauk Design-
MC2 Exhibits
MG Design -
MICE DisplayWorks -
Showtime Exhibits-
Sparks Exhibits & Environments-

I’m sure I missed a ton of companies. But if you are designing for a designer then take a look at the museums designers design… make sense? These are mostly exhibit companies that will also do museum stuff. You may want to look at design companies that deal with mostly museums, retail or other specialty environments.

Hope those give you some spaces to dream about.