Hover Boards

I was thinking today. What ever happen to hover boards? When BTTF came out all this false gossip came out that hover boards were gonna come out soon. Obviously a big lie and everyone knew it, but there was still that hope which made all us kids excited. Well its been long enough now, where the hell are the hover boards. How sweet would it be to have one of those!

Considering the number of kids I’ve seen “eat it” while riding those razor scooters I’d hate to see what would happen when you throw anti-gravity into the mix. There would be an entire generation without real front teeth.

The technology is actually out there to make anti-gravity trasportation, I’ve seen some cool physics journals that talk about electromagnetic fields and their applications. The problem is that the amount of power input needed to do it is massive and the onboard powerplant would seriously outweight the craft. Mag-Lev trains are about as good as you’re going to get for a while.

I think you need to design a flux capacitor