Housing in San Francisco

Today I accepted an offer at a consultancy in San Francisco and I am looking for housing leads. My wife and I looking for a large studio or one bedroom in the 600+sqft range that will accept our 125lb pooch. We have about $3500 per month to work with and we are hoping for a quick move within the next three weeks. We are currently running our search through all the standard online sources (craigslist, padmapper, zillow, trulia, lovely, zumper, hotpads, etc).

My wife wants to take up residence in Pacific Heights but we are open to other neighborhoods if we can find the right fit.

Any leads, connections, or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

Good. Luck.

I lived in Inner Richmond from about 2003-2005. We had one floor in a triplex, maybe 800 sq ft, I don’t think dogs were allowed. We paid $1275!

Everything I’ve heard and read about housing in SF these days sounds grim. Inner Richmond was a great 'hood though.

Congratulations on your new job.

I had 800-900 sq ft a couple of years ago there… cost a LOT more than that. Inner Rich has come a long way, lots of stuff going there now. Craigslist is pretty strong in SF.

3500 is very reasonable. I live in a 1bedroom in SOMA near all the consultancies for about 2300. The dog will be your biggest hurdle. You will find something. I just moved in and everybody says its impossible its not really that bad. I found many nice places in my budget that were open for a few weeks. Let me know if you need any help in terms of location. Good luck, you will find something.

I live here and have seen dogs in the building.