Housing in Eindhoven

Me and my friend are having troubles in getting a student room in Eindhoven , as we’re starting this year in the design academy. So we’ve decided to rent a house instead, and wanting to share with one or two other students , so whoever is interested, drop me a line, we will probably start to take the apartment by the end of august.

have you found a roommate yet?

if not I’m still looking, send me a message

Hey K- 79,

My partner and I have both been accepted into the Masters Progam at the Design Academy and are in desperate need of housng!! We would only need one room! If it’s taken then do you have a little a more information about the process you took to finding a place?


hi both, no we are in search of apartment now, because we’re two as well, so if any of you are interested, we can also look together on the apartment, we already started the procedure in several agencies, the apartment size and price depends how many people renting. we’re checking on something for two people now, but if any of you are sure of sharing , then we could also look for a three bedroom or four bedroom apartment, the price should be around 900 euro for four from what we are checking now.
if you’re interested you can mail me on mail@kamantung.net

I did some checking for a 2 room appartment last month when I was planning to go Eindhoven. The best option is when you go to the website www.vestide.nl

This organization is specialized in rooms for students and they offer quit a number of rooms completely with or without furniture. Most probably you have to pay an extra month rent for organizing everything very quick. On this website you can choose for the English language which makes it easier for you to check. This onganization can offer rooms on very short notice.

Another option if you send a mail with your request to “info@directwonen.nl” their website is www.directwonen.nl
This organization also offers a lot of rooms, decorated or not. It might take some more time to get a room from this organization.

There are some more organizations but all require that you are registered for some years. I hope this information is of help. ^^

Don’t trust only the agencies. Make up a “I need a room” flyer, call the Design Academy and have them put it up in the school. Sounds quaint, but there are places available that the official housing offices don’t know about. This is how most of my class found housing. Also, if you are not from the Netherlands, talk to the school. They do have a block of apartments and should reserve it for foreign students first.

One last hint- start early. It can literally take months to find a place to live there. It is not the type of place that you can just drop in and find an apartment over the weekend , especially of you are from another country outside of the EU.

Good luck.

I am an italian design student, and the next semster I will be for 5 months at the design academy as erasmus student…I will be in eindhoven from september…

I am desperately looking for a room, but still nothing…I am interested in proposals of sharing a house or a flat…

please let me know…I am desperated too…

Hi, i am a Thai student just got accepted to the Master program and i am looking for an apartment as well. I just start on serching for the apartment on the internet. If there are any website that are interesting about fining room in Eindhoven please let me know.