Housing for Internships

I am aware that Nike provides a stipend for housing and basic expenses. Does anyone know of any other companies that do this too? All info is greatly appreciated thanks!

Lots of companies do. Anywhere from a flat rate relocation fee, to putting you in an apartment to a company owned house where mulitple interns live.

I don’t want to make a giant list but in my experience the bigger the company is the more likely they are to hook you up.

Personally I’m all about the relocation reimbersment but living in company provided/owned housing seems kind of stressful. The seperation between work time and personal time is my favorite part about internships. I would always be worried about getting fired for breaking a window or something.

My current employer offers a flat rate of $2500 a month, which easily covers room and board. Too bad we currently are only offering a Package Engineer and Industrial Engineer interships.

Nike was the only company I interned for that helped with housing and relocation. I know the car industry does, Lexmark printers puts their interns up in an extended stay hotel, Fisher Price has a place they put their interns. Mostly places that employ a lot of interns will help out.

Some of the Chicago places use to put people up in the Art Institute dorms over the summer, (corner of State and Randolph, it’s a nice location)