I’ll be graduating in six months and I wish to pursue a job in designing housewares.

My definition of housewares: anything within the home, from tableware to lighting to door knobs

I’ve looked into places such as Crate and Barrel, Williams-Sonoma (and everything under them), Target, etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where else to look (besides typing in housewares over at Coroflot)?


There are (or at least were) several houseware industry magazines. I forget their names. Had a subscription to one once, but think it merged with another.

Try these:

Good luck,

csven, thanks for your input. Unfortunately, the last two links didn’t offer much in the way of designer positions. :frowning:

Anyone else have any ideas?

You’re not going to find “designer positions” only by looking for designer want ads. The best opportunities never get that far. They’re either filled through the ID friends network, or someone sends in their portfolio sampler in hopes of there being a job opening. There are a LOT of companies out there and most IDers don’t even know of them.

So rather than look for ads, look for companies.

Just occurred to me - I know of an unadvertised opening at a housewares company. Nice one. Only I expect they’re looking for experience and Pro/E skills.

Can I bug you about it in six months (gotta finish first!)? :wink:

Thanks for all your suggestions!