Household water filtration


I’m currently conducting an investigation into rituals and reasoning behind household water filtration (primarily external filtering jugs) If you have a few minutes spare, I’d really appreciate responses to my short initial questionnaire -

It shouldn’t take too long and should be applicable to all, whether you filter water or not! (age range and gender are measured purely as variables of general interest of any correlation)

Thanks for the help, feel free to send any questionnaires my way in return.

Hey not sure on the exact scope of your project… if it’s just about water filtration.
I did a project on drinking water as a whole in the world and the water bottle industry. I can give you some good books to read if you are venturing into that area.

I’m mainly focusing on personal filtration devices (specifically gravity filter jugs)

However, it’s still in the early stages and relatively broad so Id be happy to take any book recommendations,