Hourly freelance rate in California

Hi guys,

What is the normal hourly rate for freelance product designers in California?
I have this client based in California and asking me how much is my hourly rate. And since I usually charge my clients in a project basis payment, I don’t have much idea on how to charge in an hourly basis.


The short answer is you should charge what you are worth /what it costs. If you usually charge on a project basis, then charge that. Take the cost of the project then divide it by the number of hours you estimate it will take you.

It ranges based on your experience.
I’ve seen newbies as low as $25 per hour and experienced guys $100+.
I’d say if you’ve got a decade or more experience you should be in the $80 -$150 area.

It’s really what you can get in negotiations and what the client is willing to pay.