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I say newdealdesign challenges fuseproject to a dodgeball tournament in the Yerba Buena gardens, with their products on display, kinda like playing beer pong. Then Gadi Amit can knock over the Birkenstocks with his own hands and feel better about it.

F- that, Gadi Amit and Yves should throw done mono y mono. Fuse does do some kick ass work, but he also has a staff of kick ass designers that get little if any credit. I guess this is typical for any firm with a big name at the helm, he should probadly rename the company The Yves Project.

And it should be open bar because everybody knows that drinking liquir makes fists fly quicker. lol.

if new deal and fuse played dodgeball newdeal would win solely on the fact that fuse would trip and stumble running around in their sandels…

having a former college baseball player on staff wouldn’t hurt much either :stuck_out_tongue:

Gadi Amit does makes some good points in those comments. Nothing really against yves as he is probably a very clever designer, it’s just that this whole “superstar” recognition that some of these designers demand makes the profession look silly and unreputable when most of the highly recognised products are of irrelevant importance and not exactly groundbreaking…ID is almost slowely becoming the next fashion design…calvin klien vs phillipe starcke?

I think your slightly mistaken about gro. They produce quite alot. They began as three ex Philips designers and between them they probably have more products on the market than most.

The Women From Front Design are AMAZING! I am Absolutely speechless!

That is the kind of design that moves people, kinda like high end fashion design. May not all be practical, but it trickles down and inspires inovative fashion to come.

This is also true of design, thinkers that are more conceptual really start to create a language to inspire more inovative design. May not be in that time, but the world will catch up to it.

I have heard a lot of interesting conversation about the advantages and disadvantages of schools that teach or cater to conceptually based design (such as cranbrook/RISD) They are laying some of the ground work by working outside the box, so do not be so quick to judge how practical some of the coneptual design is, because sooner or later it could inspire something practical.

Http:// has some interesting concepts on their site. Personally, I’m more inspired by the “out there” work than by what tends to make it into production.

Anyone know what they charge?

In response to what I’ve read from above about this person is ripping this other person etc. etc. My question is have you ACTUALLY work for or with Yves Behar? Have you had the chance to work for Fuse at all? I think most people tend to judge people so quickly.

There are no judgements being made by myself or anyone explicitly, including the Innovation article author, about Yves Behar. It’s not hard to read the article that way though, and honestly it sounds like sour grapes.

No, 8x10 of course I haven’t worked for or with Behar or Fuse, because the last thing I would do is re-type an article that jabs at him! But what does that have to do with anything?

Maybe it’s jealousy! I guess people are just plain jealous and that is sad! People have to take “jabs” at others just because their achievement level is higher than others? People experiencing success get shot down just because their work is being praised and celebrated? That is so pathetic. You guys should be inspired by it and not the opposite.

You should read the article before making judgements on the people who you think are making judgements.

I have read the article alright. But the question is … are you a friend or a foe? Even if you answer the question it means nothing …nothing matters anyways just having a discussion about life. Design is not about whether you’re a friend or a foe. It’s so childish! :smiley:

I agree it’s a pretty big label to apply to a small design firm doing good work. Amit’s firm also does great work so I don’t see why he comes off as sour grapes in the article.

Are fuse and Behar really doing a disservice to the design community by elevating subjective design award winning products and their designers to the status of superstar? Amit thinks so, and that’s what he’s trying to prove. The article is also about the media lapdogs who follow designers around looking for great, abstract, breathy commentary to fill their furniture/interior design rags. I don’t think I’d call either of the two - Fuse or the fuseophiliac media - by the title of “foe”. So there must be some background that we’re missing. I’m surprised that Innovation would even publish something as blantantly venomous, toward a studio and time-zone contemporary no less.

y’all stop playa hatin’ and start inspiratin’!

To me it’s a combination of Design and hypocrisy!

“Freedom has a scent like the top of a newborn baby’s head” -Paul Hewson

DESIGNWORKSHOP in Ottawa Canada is the best. They like to exploit young interns.

seems like its both bad and good that we have ‘star’ designers- has our status, generally, not been elevated by the likes of Rasheed and Behar? More people know what it is we do- you don’t get the ‘you design factories?’ question right?

But I think Amit’s point is also well taken. I think there is a balance to be made between product design that is inovative/fun etc. and that which sells. There is lots of stuff that looks cool- but what the hell- nobody bought it. It a can win all the awards, but if it doesn’t sell, doesn’t that also make it a failure?

If all that stardome does is concentrate the public attention on a few, leaving the plethora of other, gifted designers in obscurity, it does hurt the industry, it does hurt business (not just ours, but all business- just look at Rashid’s tea kettle- eeech). that obscurity excludes good design, as much as good designers. no?

Sure ego plays in. Of course it does. We all have ego’s big or small. Over exposure is annoying to the rest not getting any.

What i wan’t to know, is who is Rasheed’s publicist?

I agree the GRO stuff looks pretty cool. I think the stuff is pretty fresh.

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In the most recent Innovation, Yves Behar gets his three pages worth to dismantle Amit’s arguments, which he does pretty effectively. (I can’t believe these guys work a mile and a half away from each other and can’t get along.)

RitaSue jumps in to take Behar’s side in the Letters section up-front, calling him “very photogenic”…which helps get you published and famous, no doubt.

In the middle of this mess is a response by Amit, and some punches from Mr. Bressler in Amit’s favor!

This beats all the flame wars going on Core77, and the Designer Fight Club to boot! The only thing you can conclude: NewDealDesign and FuseProject are both doing very satisfactory “design”…and showing that there aren’t rules to dictate what is, and what isn’t, “good”.

i didnt hear amit bashing behar so much as bashing the media.
the message i took away was that behar gets a disproportionate amount of press for the work he does.

take his mini project: if you were to ask behar, he’d have you thinking the ‘mini motion’ campaign saved this brand. in reality the studio designed a watch, a jacket, and a briefcase…not such a big deal.

birkenstock shoes are okay. but just okay. (frankly they look like Campers). they dont seem to be blowing off the shelves…however, behar would have you believe he has changed the world of footwear.

can someone name one product that fuse has designed that has made a significant commercial ($$$) impact for the client?

it sucks to be in the spotlight…but behar has to take the lows with the highs.