hotness in Europe

Hello everyone. As you know there have been some threads (very useful ones) on what the coolest, most innovative studios in NY, and US in general are.

I would like to ask, what are the hottest studios in Europe? Who is putting out the coolest stuff? Who would you die to work for in Europe?

Feel free to list both consultancies and corporations. Thanks!

There are a lot of really talented people starting to open shop in eastern europe now, I’ll do a litle research to get you specifics.

If I had a choice of what country to go to I would try Romania, Croatia, Hungary, or Poland. Try searching on some of the other portfolio sites like cgtalk, cgarchitect, and you will find drop jaw dropping modelling, rendering, and design - not to mention Romania and others have drop dead gorgeous women.

yeah but what is the average salary in hungary or romania compared to the US?

Poland’s minimum wage is about 6zl/h = $1.50/h. I can’t imagine Romania or Hungary are any better, although I would go to Hungary if you like really hot women. Croatia is also beautiful. My suggestion is to go to a country behind ex-iron-curtain but not too far from the old borders. Those countries are more stable economically with eastern european charm and mentality - if you dig that.

  1. Croatia
  2. Slovenia
  3. Hungary
  4. Czech Rep.
  5. Poland
  6. Slovakia
  7. Bulgaria
  8. Romania
  9. Bosnia
  10. Serbia
  11. Macedonia
  12. Western Ex-Soviet Republics
  13. Mother Russia
  14. Albania

    Although, the last two are interchangable.

Actually, ex-East-Germany would be #1, like Berlin.

Absolut reality in paris seems to have a pretty nice portfolio. anyone know about them or other ones in Paris?

yeah but what is the average salary in hungary or romania compared to the US?

What you need to worry about is how will the salary compare to the local cost of living. Unless you are concerned about coming back to the US to spend your earnings, in which case you’d be better off in a higher cost of living / higher wage area like western Europe or the US.

I am concerned. although i didnt mention it i was thinking particularly about spain, france, uk, italy, germany and switzerland, and scandinavia in the original question.

any cool companies? i know there are europeans in this forum…c’mon guys!

ive seen gro design mentioned, but seems like a lot of conceptual stuff…nothing really solid.