Hotel in China?


Another question that required a new thread.

I’ll be travelling to china in october and we’re going to Putian, in the Fujian province (north east of hong kong / dong guan). In previous trips we had to stay in less than satisfactory conditions and I was wondering if any of you had a nice hotel to recommend…



I know there were a couple new hotels being build there, not sure they are finished yet. Last time I stayed at an apartments/hotel that was brand new, the master suit was better than anything out there(in Putian) but the staff does not speak english. You will need your people to do all arrangements for you. I’ll get you the name tomorrow.

I haven’t had to go up there, but I hear there is not much. More in Guangzhou…

I haven’t been to Putain in more than 5 years, but I used to (and think my previous colleagues still do) stay at the Tien Fey hotel (might have the english name spelt wrong).

It was certainly nothing fancy, but in that area, there isn’t much choice… check it out or ask your fty to inquire about it. I never had really any issues with it back then, aside from the usual general poor service as most people can’t speak english well, but since then, could’ve got worse or better…


i forgot the name of the hotel i stayed in…the first word is golden something…and forgot the place…i was a five star hotel the food were great…buffet…

Golden Palace? If it’s the one i think, that’s in Dongguan.


The hotel name is Yue Lai(悦来温泉公寓)。


HOPE THIS INFO HELPS. This is more like an apartment kind of deal, make sure to get the suit on the top floor. It’s not The WESTIN but it is much better than the Tien-Fey… If you end up at the TIEN-FEY make sure to ask for a room on the NEW building.

BTW, it was good meeting you saturday.

tks miniatic! i had a lot of fun on saturday! great to meet new ppl.

i’ll check it out. the fty wants us to stay at the tien-fey so we might end up there regardless. we might stay in fuzhou for a few days and shop the suppliers there some… better hotels there supposedly.