hot melt / thermoplastic film

Hey all,

I’m looking for a hot melt / thermoplastic film similar to this stuff:

Must be:
-thinner than 1 mil
-low temperature
-have flexible release liners on one or both sides

Anybody used something like that before?

Much appreciated!

Do you want a hot melt or a heat-activated adhesive? They are not the same.

Thank you for the reply.

Heat-activated I suppose. The film must be solid at room temperature, liquid when heated (or at least very tacky), then solid again when the heat is removed. It must remain flexible when solid as well.

Available in small quantities too, I don’t need a whole case of it.

You had me there until the end, the suppliers I deal with have a 1,000-5,000 pound minimum.

But if you Google heat activated adhesive film or heat activated adhesive scrim, you should find something on a retail scale. This type of material is popular in joining fabrics, nonwovens and laminates.