Horton Ho... airplane sketchers; have you seen this one?

Saw this and thought of some of the speeders you guys were drawing for a while - This plane is straight out of a concept drawing

Undeniably bad people made it back in the 40s, but it’s got some nice shapes happening in that center section

This is the original, captured in WWII…


Very sweet, I think I saw this on James May On The Moon / In Space? Pretty dramatic story that he told when it was presented. Could’ve won the war for the Nazis.

Really cool looking vehicule!

There was undeniably some insane concepts going on the nazi side. My favorite is the crazy Focke-Wulf Triebflugel Which also is straight out of a concept drawing

According to wiki the concept was being tested in wind tunnel at the end of the war :

The nasty politics bit aside, the Hortens showed incredible insight and tenacity in the development of their aircraft; years ahead of Jack Northrop. Like the F17, and B2, it was more or less invisible to radar.

The Horten Brothers Bio: Horten: two brothers, one wing.

Horton Ho IX (Gotha Go 229) (detail pics)

HoIX - B2 comparison

Avant garde “white-on-gray” low viz graphics:

Off topic…but…

Anyone else get a weird chill when you read this name? Weird chill in the sense that Dr. Seuss could have been influenced by a Nazi Germany airplane? Not likely, but I can’t shake it while reading that article.

Necessity is the mother of creativity, right?

Beautiful and inspiring aircraft. There was a weird comic book that I read when I was a teen that imagined a world where WWII had continued. The story focused on the Luftwaffe and never touched on the politics or holocaust. Sometimes it got labeled anti-semitic, although the author just wanted a backdrop to develop all kinds of crazy planes. That’s why I read it too!

Seuss’ story was “Horton hears a WHO”

Horton hires a Ho, was a story of an entirely different … mmm… .genre.

Warning: Usher the kids out of the room if you are going to watch this.

Funny, I only see the spinoffs and jokes about the horton cartoon/story but have never had a chance to see or read the original.