Horse power

Some of you may be aware that the horse-drawn vehicles, and their history, is an interest of mine.

In light of Fredrick Schwab’s Baja Project posted this morning, and the recent developments in the automobile industry, I wonder if there is not a real possibility that, in certain venues, “horse-draw” vehicles might again be a viable means of transportation for people, and goods?

And not just in “third world” countries.

Regardless… that is a very nice design.

I’m sure it is entirely possible (regarding the horse drawn transportation), although I don’t think the upkeep on a horse these days is much cheaper than that of an automobile.

The commercial “horse” culture is gone from modern society.

Once as common as automobile dealerships, local livery stables where an individual could board an animal if they did not have a barn of their own, or rent a horse and/or buggy for a day, public watering facilities, feed supplies, street cleaning, harness makers, farriers to keep shoes on, etc. would have to be reestablished on a commercial scale.

I suppose “time” is the greatest limiting factor; 3 mph doesn’t get you very far, very fast. And “fast” is what is expected in modern transportation; both fast and modern being relative. 3 mph was acceptably fast in 1900.