Horrible help

I wouldn’t mind the lack of features and horrendous memory management of SolidEdge, what I can’t stand is the horrible help file. This morning I looked something up again and when I search, it insists on highlighting everything in blue making the page barely readable. Now I remember why I usually just keep clicking on stuff I haven’t used and hope to find what I need.

BTW, I never found what I was looking for. Great work!

this isn’t solidedges’ fault. it’s a feature of microsoft help package. i’m sure there is a way to turn that feature off when compiling the executable… maybe. it’s been too long since my C++ days.

I don’t remember Solidworks help being this bad. Alias and Adobe both do much better help files in software that costs a quarter of what SolidEdge sells for. It’s 2008, we have landed men on the moon, but my CAD program has a useless help file. It’s not right!