Hoping to get some feedbacks for my campaign

Hi guys,

My name is Xiao Wang and I am a design student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I’m attending a class called EPD (Entrepreneurial Product Development) and everyone in this class has to create their own Kickstarter campaign.

I recently have launched it, my first ever Kickstarter campaign. It is a sketchbook/notebook carrying bag that was designed for designers or artists who just want to carry their sketchbooks around without using a backpack.

I had a lot of positive feedbacks in school, but so far the campaign seems pretty unsuccessful. So I’m here asking my fellow designers who have experiences with Kickstarter or crowdfunding in general for some suggestions.

Please check it out, Thank you!

Hi xiaoguang1027,

There are a lot of previous threads asking for feedback on kickstarter campaigns, definitely check those out. It would be better if you post more about your product research and development. This is a product design forum overall, and we love giving feedback on that specifically.

Your campaign certainly looks good. Clean and informative. As for the product, if I were an avid notebook user, I’d want my notebook to be accessible immediately upon opening the sleeve. I don’t really understand the need for the pocket.


Great idea for a class.
Concerning your product I don’t see a lot of product differentiation here, it looks fairly generic and if you want to appeal to a niche audience, you have to more actively do so especially with online retail channels.
Also portability is key and in that sense this product can benefit by making it more into a shoulder bag for example. This way you need the backpack anyway to store this sleeve in!
Your visualizations are good, your product photography can be much better.

Hi Xiao, wishing you lots of luck with your kickstarter! Great work putting it together!

I agree with ralphzoontjens in regards to the product photography. In the image I’m linking, it looks uncomfortable to hold. Check out how the pinky has to support that. Maybe it’s the most comfortable thing ever, but I don’t really get that message here.

So I think your product is aimed toward a pretty specific type of user. I’m a woman that has to carry certain essentials when I’m out, so I always have a bag. I love traditional and digital sketching/drawing, and can do a lot with just one pen, one brush, and a moleskine, so I wouldn’t make the most out of your product.

IMO, concept artists and illustrators would be more drawn to your product than industrial designers. People that often do in depth real life portrait/landscape studies with all sorts of mediums and would love to carry many tools with them. I’d try pitching the product to that type of forum or user on instagram and see what they think.

Thank you guys for the awesome suggestions! I will definitely update my campaign as soon as possible to make it more appealing.