Hoping for feedback, 2nd year student

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently put the finishing touches to my portfolio and was hoping to get some constructive criticism. I’m currently finishing up my second year of studies at U. Cincinnati and am searching for a fall internship, but have had little luck as of yet, unfortunately.


Any and all feedback is much appreciated,

Hi Simon

Quick feedback

  1. About me page - probably some logos on the software could make it fast to read and grasp.

  2. The footer at the bottom of each page is To Big… make it a size 12/10 points. According to me your postal address is not sooo important in the footer, as today we use emails and phones. Your choice!

  3. For your first project, Cadillac, try to balance out the page, it looks too empty from middle to bottom right side. Seems like you forgot to write something or add some images… Try to increase the pictures size

  4. On your first page and last page you can remove the footer because you already have given the same info below your name !

  5. The about page of the user, it could be good to see more pictures then text. It should be self explainable. The more information you could talk about in your interview.

  6. Re-think the order of the projects. I think the Bulldozer project should be second than the crash test, because there is good demonstration of nice renders and skills.

Overall is good. Keep sketching and practicing !