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Segway Centaur:


4 Wheeler Segway. What do you think about the potential of this concept? I think if it carries a good power source, probably electric, it can be a good selling point.

the Popular Science review is pretty good. interesting machine. wish it didn’t look so… tinkertoy. straight tubes and all.

The design seems very elementl, as if a lot of time was spent on the individual elements, but not as much on the overall.

The seat, the grips, the wheels, all cool little products in and of themselves. But the thin inboard tubes running upto the handlebars and the casting in the center are not as pretty.

Overall, I still give it the thumbs up. Would love to give one a try. I want it to go like 45mph

This is very much like a mt bike. Everything is sourced except the core components, thus looks very raw. The simplity of it is what impresses me. I mean, usually a vehicle like that will use lots of shells to cover up the ugliness beneath it. This one shows it’s structures. I can’t say it looks pleasing, but at least it has broken away from the traditional tectonic nature of most ATVs.

well put, point taken.

the little juke box in the back between the wheels is kinda granma-ish. how can you jump over a curb without breaking it.

Design aside. What / where is the market for this product? With the failure of the original segway to fined a market base (so far). This new product offering seems to be a desperate (and possibly final) attempt to save a failing company.

i noticed the same things. seat. handles. nice. control pad and wheels. ugh.

thing about stripping away panels to reveal is that it doesnt have to be ugly underneath. not like this. curvy seat next to bent extruded metal pipe! no uniformity. you strip the skin off an animal and the bones arent extrusions. they’re organic. they can still be primitive and structural and be beautiful at the same time. for anything else this wouldnt bother me. mountain bikes are pretty basic. but Segway is supposed to be high-tech. state-of-the-art. and composite forms arent that special anymore. so why skimp with extruded tubes? and not just on this concept (which should imo be even more cool), but on the regular HT they sell.

i think the idea is kinda novel. the PopSci review mentions some things worth reading. but it does seem like they’re hunting for something to sell. maybe they’re looking for more police and military sales?

Well, I suspect that this design was done from an engineering’s standpoint. The seat doesn’t look like it belongs there, which tells me that there hasn’t been much thought put into it to make it fit the entire theme.

Also, I don’t even know if they had a theme to start with.

that’s just what I think.

agree. seems this and HT are “engineered” objects. and that’s the shame. b/c it might be better engineered if the frame weren’t extrusions.

Some video of it in action from their website:


very nice bike ,haha.i love it very much
Well, I suspect that this design was done from an engineering’s standpoint.
i think if it will to be finished it must to be sale well

it looks so cool . but i saw there are three butten behind the headstock.how about their funtion??? i think it will populy in children`s markting . because the distence between the bodywork and the footplate is so close. the people is hard to use it .

I met some designers from Segway at the IDSA regional conference last year. Good people, and seemingly good designers. The aesthetic of the product seems good, although I would not be surprised if this was a rushed side project. It looks fun too.

Having said that, I wonder what purpose the Segway products serve. For the same price, I can buy a nice Aprilia motor scooter (or a Japanese one for less). I can drive down the street (not highway) at 35, 40mph, consume something like 80 mpg. Yeah, I have to keep myself balanced, but most people have learned how to ride bikes since they were 8.

The Centaur is equally pointless. Offroad motorbikes exist and ATVs exist. So, this is an electric ATV?

Everything I see from Segway smells like a product desperately searching a market…