Honours research

I am looking to do an Honours research project for my final year of ID. I have been looking through journals, online magazines, and websites for inspiration and topic ideas but have hit a stale point.
User relationships interests me, but i feel some kind of sustainability issue would assist me in “real world” practice.

I was wondering if anoyone had any assistance in possible avenues to look into. Any assistance would be great!

This sounds pretty open ended to me. If you want to do something with sustainability, just pick something you are passionate about and make your project figuring out how to do it sustainably.

Being that this sounds like an extra project, not part of a studio, make sure it is something that you are excited enough about to stay self-motivated through the duration.

thanks, thats how my lecturers have been telling me to think also.
i’ll see what i can do. :slight_smile:

There’s a thread about Huddersfield University grad show somewhere in this forum (sorry that I have no time to link), but the central point is, that some students are not designing for the sake of producing designs, they are using design principles to set up services that could turn into income generating businesses.

Try to make your degree work for you, I mean not only in knowledge gaining way, but earning way also.