Hongqi L5

Well, it’s big… … . . and heavy (7,000 lbs (3,175kg)), 402bhp, 6.0l V12, but at least they kept the price down to ¥5,021,858 [$803,000] [€580,457 ]

2014 Hongqi L5

Hongqi translates to “red flag”, which explains the hood ornament.

Reminds me of a MkI Cortina, on steroids morphed with a Checker. Oddly enough, I like it.

The original Hongqi.

I like it too. I was just thinking about how everything invented, written and composed in the Soviet Union is not patented or copyrighted. IMHO, it’s about time that the retro-communist trend takes off.

Another thing: I love how Korea and China have taken over making Buicks.

Looks like the original had a baby with a Chrysler 300 with a little nuevo Roller thrown in.

There’s some 4th Gen Lincoln Conti lurking in there too…