Hong Kong returning

I am not sure if this made it into the world news but those of us in Hong Kong have been in a pre-internet state since the Taiwan earthquake. The earthquake broke 6 of the 7 internet lines that allow us to communicate with the world. China, Taiwan and Japan were also affected. At this point they say it will be at least a week before we are fully up and running again. They have to bring the cables up to ships to repair.

I have to say it is scary how dependent we have become on the internet and you never realize until you don’t have it.

I know first hand what you mean - but from the US side. I can only get about 1 in 10 e-mails through to our factory in Shenzhen. Phone calls sound like underwater conversations, that is if you can stay connected.

It’s a delicate balance that keeps our business communications network working these days. Thank goodness the terrorists haven’t figured out fiber optics sabotage.

Not just the internet, but modern technology in general. That’s why I insist on using my manual sharpener. At least I can still work without power.

I was on the 8th floor when it happened. It was weird and it lasted for quite a long time, almost eerie.

Yeap, we had problems calling/faxing HK and the rest of SE asia the day after. I think it got better today. Internet has worked for me without any problem.