Hong-Kong printing company...

Hiya all.
First of all Merry Xmas and pre-Happy Nu Year!
I’m releasing my first photography softback in 2007
and would like to know your experience with HK based
printing companies. Addresses, practices, tips and the likes.
I guess this tread can be a good experience for all the designers
doing this kind of work, i.e. publishing a catalogue, a book etc.

Here’s a good one that I’m familiar with FYI:

Company Name: Mayhong Advertising

Email address: h2o-2008@sohu.com

Should you need more info, send me a message.

My factory has been working with this company for printing catalogues, flyers, paintings, … for quite a long time.

Thanks alot! That’s nice. I’m going to contact them ASAP and see what’s possible. I’ve also checked IDN’s magazine’s printer and will try it as well.
Many thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I’ve sent you a private message just now. Check it out please!

Hi, just to let you know, I never got a reply from this Mayhong Advertising (strange name for a printer…) and never found their website on the web.
Don’t get me wrong but I guess I’d like to work with a printer that’s got a website and a list of design-oriented publishers using their service.

any particular reason you are looking for a HK printing company?

you might want to check out some self-publishing online places like www.lulu.com they have pretty cost effective ways to publish catalogs, photo books, etc.


Thanks for the post.
I seek a good (if not the best) HK printer for several reasons:
Printing small run artbooks is a tough thing in Europe, it costs a lot of money. HK is known, just like Japan, for its super good offset quality printing.
Thanks for Lulu, but I don’t think my work would fit. I do non-standard things, pantone colors only, special creative papers, non-standard sizes etc. And I hate color copy, by the way :slight_smile: offset only.

so please, anyone knows a good printer in HK? thanks alot.