Hong Kong PolyU School of Design - web update

For those interested in knowing more about the School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University we have updated our web site. http://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/

Nice plug there Tim… If only they only did half of what that Web site says they can do, it would be great. I think they put a little pizazz… showing what they wish they did but can’t.

Nice enough design though. I wonder where they got the inspiration.

While I admit there was some plug here, the real reason I put this up is to keep my email from filling up from questions about the school from all over the world. It seems to have worked as questioning emails have dropped :slight_smile:

Tim, I really think they should hire you @ the Admin dept. ( as an advisor!?)
I think you do better job than most of them!
Thanks for your advice, BTW…

Interesting FrOu, what have they done (or not done!) for you to make such a statement?

Thanks for the compliment, but you could not pay me enough to be an administrator at a University. It does not work like the private sector. The people who do this deserve a special peace prize.

I just do what I can. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately PolyU is quite probably one of the most pathetically organized “Universities” I have ever attended. A waste of time and money. Innnovation?! I think not…

I have been thinking of applying to PolyU, but now I get second thoughts when I read about your opinion of the school. Could you elaborate a little more on why you were so displeased with it?