Hong Kong Polytechnic University Masters Design Practices

Hi all,

I’m a London-based product designer that’s that’s thinking about going to Hong Kong next year to do a Masters in Product design. In HK, there’s only really one place to go and I’d like some information or to hear some of your experiences on the design school - http://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/web/

Here’s a short explaination of my concern. I would say that my design work aims to create lasting and emotional connections between people, objects and their environment. I’m interested in creating objects that have emotional, cultural and material value. Hopefully you can see this on my website: www.studioleung.com

I would say that my work is relatively distant from conventional industrial
design, and that my approach starts from a conceptual perspective, but with the intent of production - making my work available for people to use and interact with.

I would like to know if the MDes Design Practices at Poly U encourages this approach. i.e. something very different from conventional industrial design. The examples of work I have seen on their website are very much in the field of conventional industrial design - which I have little interest in pursuing.

Hope someone can help.