Hong Kong Polytechnic Annual Show 2007

If any of you are coming through Hong Kong in the next month and a half you can come by the School of Design at the The Hong Kong Polytechnic and see the final year projects from the graduating students. The official Annual Show 2007 starts on June 15 and ends on June 28. If you are in before that, just contact me and I may be able to give you a sneak peak.

I had a US VP of Design come through yesterday and he was impressed.

Also I can say that many students are looking to work outside of Hong Kong so if you are looking entry level talent, especially to work in Asia, please come by.

I only know about the school from hearing about Loraine Justice’s move there from G.Tech a few years ago. Certainly the school is gaining in profile. Has having an American head the department helped? Or, is she just a better leader/PR?

Overall I hear she has helped, and the fact that the government and industrialists are behind design doesn’t hurt. It is also helpful in the overall international teaching staff. It is the most international teaching staff in the world.